Ends on September 1, 2019

Fort Worth Community Arts Center Requests for Proposals 2020


The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is now accepting proposals for our 2020 calendar year! We are arranging our calendar so that every month is more cohesive with itself. We request that all interested parties submit proposals that will be reviewed and selected to fit the space and timing that works best for every show and the entire gallery.

Each artwork in each exhibition will be selected and approved by the Program and Exhibition Manager as part of the selection process. 

We are requesting well thought out proposals for exhibitions in 2020. In September 2019, we will begin to schedule the submission received in the space available. 

Submissions received after this date are still eligible if space is still available. 

Please list the gallery and date you prefer, we will attempt to accommodate your request.

Your show idea or concept may not be fully realized, but please do your best to summarize what it will be. Include images of each artist’s work who will be participating. The more formulated the show idea, the better chance of selection.

Remember, space is limited, so put thought into your proposal idea. Accepted proposals from artists will recieve a contract outlining the full details of their gallery reservation.

ABOUT US: Located at 1300 Gendy Street, the FWCAC is part of the most architecturally significant museum districts in the United States. The striking modern Herbert Bayer building (with a later O’Neil Ford addition) opened to the public in 1954 as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest collecting organizations in the state of Texas, the Modern Museum of Fort Worth. When, in 2002, the Modern moved down the street, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center opened. The building has exhibited world class art and supported the performing arts for more than half a century. The Arts Council manages the FWCAC, provides leadership and funding to local arts organizations through our competitive Grants Program and administers the Fort Worth Public Art program.

SUBMISSION: Proposals will be viewed from images submitted only through the gallery’s online submission. We understand works may not be completed that you wish to exhibit so we ask for a general idea. Please submit images of the artists participating even if those works will not be in the show. If your exhibit includes several artists, please submit works that sum up their style. Images must be JPEGs with minimum width/height of 800 pixels, maximum size as 2MB. Do not use spaces or special characters (!@$, etc) in image file names. Video and audio files can be submitted through links. 

FLOOR PLAN AND RATES: https://www.fwcac.com/gallery-specifications

PRESENTATION: Work must be suitably framed or Gallery Wrapped (sides cleanly finished or painted) and ready for hanging. D-rings should be used for heavy works, wires for works under 5lbs. Drawings, prints, watercolors and pastels must be under Plexiglass. If your work does not meet these specifications, please include detail of how you would like to exhibit your work 

SALES: All work will be for sale unless the artist informs the gallery to the contrary. 25% of proceeds from sales will go to FWCAC and the remainder to the artists. 

RECEIVING: Hand-delivered and shipped work must arrive on the dates specified. Work must remain for the duration of exhibition. 

DEADLINE: All applications must be submitted before midnight (CMT) on September 1, 2019. FWCAC will notify accepted applicants only by October 15, 2019. 

SHIPMENT: All shipped work must have a returned mailing label included and must arrive in a package that can be reused for the return shipment. Notify FWCAC staff of any incoming shipments and provide relevant information including artists, addresses, and tracking information. 

REMOVAL: All hand delivered work must be picked up on the date specified. Works not removed on these days will be placed in storage and released at gallery’s convenience. Any work left for 60 days after the assigned pick up date becomes the property of the Arts Center.
USE OF IMAGES: Any image submitted may be used for non-commercial, marketing or promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.

CONTACT/QUESTIONS: Please direct all questions to:
Jonathan Mark Levy, Program and Exhibition Manager
1300 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, TX,  76107
direct: 817.298.3021

LIABILITY: This document represents a contract between the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and the person(s) named on this document. Acceptance of this contract is a specific acceptance of the terms listed. Objects exhibited in the FWCAC will be given great care. Unless the artist wishes to provide his/her own insurance coverage, the FWCAC will insure all exhibitions under its existing insurance policy, which covers up to $500,000, against all risks of physical loss or damage while on the premises during the period of the exhibition. If the exhibitor(s) wish to provide his/her own insurance, such actions constitute the release of the FWCAC from any liability in connection with the exhibition. Coverage is not authorized past the exhibition and artwork may not be stored at the FWCAC unless prior arrangements have been made. The FWCAC allows visitors to photograph works of art. Artists are required to contribute 25% from work sold in the exhibition. By submitting your artwork, you are agreeing to the terms above.